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Warehouse BBQ- 1992
We need to raise over 100,000 euro to implement the required and necessary updates to our little international hub of creativity and theatre. 
The main elements are:


As we are a licensed theatre, Covid regulations dictate that we need a proper ventilation system for the safety and well-being of our audiences. Estimated cost : 35,000 euros



The roof on both The Warehouse and the Studio is in disrepair and in need of renewal.

 Estimated cost : 40,000 euros


Lighting Rig

Our lighting rig is over 30 years old using outdated technology and is neither environmentally friendly nor cost/energy efficient.  It is in dire need of overhaul

 Estimated cost : 30,000 euros

An additional 20,000+ euros is needed for other updates and repairs including but not limited to  updated fire doors, elevator repair, a security system, a new bar, a better rehearsal space and more!
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